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Corn Twist with Natural Hair
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Michaela Coel

Michaela Coel and Tasha
Michaela Coel Straight back braids

Proud Moment: I had the privilege of braiding Michaela Coel‘s 1-inch, 4C natural hair just moments before she departed for her Met Gala appearance in New York City.

For those who may be curious about the authenticity of her hair, the answer is a resounding YES—it’s entirely 100% real.

Fish Bone Braids on Latavius Murray

All the way from the USA, NFL star Latavius Murray booked his appointment with My Grip Game via Instagram. His team had a game in London and he couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to get braided up by the famous, gifted and talented Tasha. It was such an inspiration to have Latavius Murray as a client twice in a row, upon travelling to London for his football games. 

Latavius Murray 1

This hairstyle is called the “fishbone” and the idea came from the concept of a fish bone lol but it’s a very unique and creative hairstyle.It usually requires at least 4-5 inches of hair to create this style of braiding but with the rear skillset that Tasha possesses for braiding on very short hair, she was able to pull off the hairstyle on Latavius’ very short 1inch 4c hair. Latavius Murray was so happy and pleased with how the hairstyle turned out that he asked for the same hairstyle his second time round. 

Latavius Murray 2

Lena Waithe

Stitch Braids

I am incredibly grateful for the immense trust Lena Waithe placed in me when it came to her hair. It speaks volumes that she made the remarkable journey all the way from the United States solely to have her hair expertly braided by My Grip Game.

Short Hair Braids

Mastering the art of braiding short hair is an exceptionally rare and distinctive skill. Only a select few individuals worldwide have honed this particular expertise. Consequently, there exists a substantial demand for this specialized service, far exceeding the supply of proficient short hair braiders. The market reveals an evident disparity between the ample demand from individuals seeking short hair braiding services and the limited number of hairstylists equipped to cater to this unique need.

Short Hair Braids
Short Hair Braids
Short Hair Braids
Short Hair Braids

All our clients, whether from the UK or those who traveled from overseas to experience the braiding expertise of My Grip Game, have unanimously attested to the rarity of finding braiders capable of working with short hair, spanning from 2 centimeters to 3 inches in length.

We have compelling visual evidence showcased on our YouTube Channel and across our social media platforms, substantiating the remarkable impact of short hair braiding on fostering rapid hair growth and enhancing overall hair health.

Side Braids On Short Hair

Our most sought-after hairstyle at My Grip Game is the “Side Braids.” This particular style is predominantly requested for short hair, where it is expertly executed.

Throughout My Grip Game’s extensive 25-year journey, during which we have worked with diverse hair types and conditions, a crucial revelation emerged: leaving 4c hair in its natural afro state does not significantly contribute to hair growth or overall hair health. Instead, our expertise shows that braiding short hair can notably accelerate hair growth, particularly when complemented with the application of our Hair Growth Crème to the scalp.

Discover the complete range of My Grip Game’s hair care products, meticulously handcrafted from natural and essential oils, specifically formulated to deliver optimal hair growth and overall hair care results. We invite you to explore our product lineup, designed to nurture and enhance your hair’s well-being.

Witness firsthand the transformative impact of our products through client testimonials and before-and-after visuals showcasing remarkable hair growth results within just two weeks.

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Braids Over Bald Patches

Braiding over bald patches may seem like a challenging endeavor, but My Grip Game (Tasha) brings over 25 years of experience to the table, making this task not only manageable but also rewarding. Tasha possesses the precise know-how to address these potentially tricky situations. Clients not only enjoy the beauty of our exceptional braided hairstyles, which effectively conceal their bald patches but also reap the incredible benefits of hair regrowth.

Doubts often arise regarding whether braids can exacerbate thinning hair. With Tash’s extensive experience, she can confidently affirm that when thinning hair is braided correctly, with the right tension, and complemented by the application of My Grip Game’s Hair Growth products—a blend of natural organic oils—the results in hair regrowth are nothing short of phenomenal.

It’s crucial to recognize that hair loss isn’t always attributed to medical conditions like alopecia or genetic predispositions. Factors such as inadequate hair care, stress, chemical exposure, and misuse of hair products can significantly contribute to hair loss concerns.

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Comprehending the root causes of hair loss is the initial step in preventing this condition from taking hold. It is crucial to gain a deep understanding of your hair’s unique characteristics, including its texture, porosity, and shrinkage level. Armed with this knowledge, you can make informed choices about the daily hair products you use, leading to improvements in hair quality and overall well-being. This proactive approach helps fend off issues such as excessive shedding, itching, dryness, and breakage, ensuring your hair remains healthy and vibrant.

twist in


Twist-Ins, an innovative hairstyling technique, originated from the creative mind of My Grip Game’s Tasha over a quarter-century ago. Tasha’s journey began when she realized her exceptional talent for braiding short hair, but she sought a way to make these braids look genuinely natural. Conventional hair extensions often fell short in achieving this goal, as they tended to appear artificial.

She embarked on her quest by experimenting with thread cushions as a means to attain the desired natural look. However, upon her arrival in the UK, a breakthrough occurred when she stumbled upon afro kinky hair extensions. These extensions proved to be the perfect match, especially for individuals with varying hair textures. 

The success of this venture led Tasha to establish her own brand, Afro Kinky Hair, ensuring that her unique approach to hairstyling continues to bring happiness and confidence to her clientele.

Corn Twist On Afro Kinky Hair

My Grip Game has introduced a highly popular braiding style known as the “Corn Twist,” specifically designed as a protective hairstyle. This innovative style seamlessly combines elements from two distinct braiding techniques, drawing inspiration from the “kamikaze twist.” The concept emerged from the recognition that certain hair textures, particularly the thick and coarse 4c hair types, face challenges when attempting the kamikaze twist due to their natural characteristics, making it difficult to achieve a smooth and lasting result even with the use of hair gel.

To address this issue, My Grip Game ingeniously blended the “cornrow” and the “2 strand twist” styles of braiding to craft the Corn Twist, an exquisite alternative that not only lasts longer but also enhances the beauty of very thick and coarse hair textures like 4c. This revitalized hairstyle offers improved manageability and aesthetics, especially for those struggling with the natural tendencies of their hair.

The “Corn Twist” is aptly named to reflect its primary purpose as a protective hairstyle for Afro hair textures. Its protective qualities shield the hair from external elements such as wind, dirt, and water, reducing exposure and potential damage. Furthermore, this style minimizes hair manipulation, contributing to a decrease in breakage and damage, ultimately leading to increased hair length for those who choose to maintain it or similar protective styles.

Corn Twist On Afro Kinky Hair Thumbnail
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Stitch Braids On All Natural Afro

Stitch Braids On All Natural Afro

Indeed, achieving the “Stitch braids” style on 4c hair, known for its thick and coarse texture, can be quite challenging. This intricate style involves creating multiple horizontal lines while braiding the hair vertically. Despite the application of gel to smoothen the natural hair, making Stitch braids visible on very thick and coarse 4c hair textures can often seem nearly impossible.

However, My Grip Game has tirelessly conducted numerous experiments to develop a groundbreaking Stitch braiding technique. This technique is designed to be accessible to both beginners and professionals, enabling them to master the art of Stitch braiding on natural 4c hair without resorting to hot irons or chemicals to straighten the hair. This innovative approach not only brings the beauty of Stitch braids to 4c hair but also safeguards the health and integrity of natural hair in the long term, steering clear of potential damage.

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Zig Zag Line Side Braids

The ZigZag side braids, famously referred to as the “Pop Smoke braids,” hold a special place as one of My Grip Game’s favorite creations. Before it adopted the name “Pop Smoke braids” following the tragic passing of the late rapper Pop Smoke, this unique style of braiding was a rare and distinctive design.

It was during this time that Tasha first harnessed her exceptional talent for creating intricate patterns on hair, resulting in the birth of this captivating and iconic hairstyle.

Zig Zag Line Side Braids 1
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The credit for this innovative style goes to My Grip Game’s founder, Tasha, who originally crafted the ZigZag side braids in 1995.

Tasha’s unique talent has consistently enabled her to draw inspiration from everyday objects and translate them into stunning hairstyle patterns. The ZigZag side braids, born from this creative process, quickly rose to prominence as one of the most sought-after hairstyles for short hair. Beyond its captivating and symmetrical appearance, these braids also yield remarkable hair growth results, adding another layer of appeal to this spectacular style.

Box Braids

Box Braids

Box braids for men are a highly effective “protective style” that involves dividing the hair into small box-shaped sections and then braiding the hair in a manner that allows it to hang freely. The technique used to create box braids shares similarities with the method used for cornrows, making it a valuable foundational practice for beginners before attempting more intricate cornrow styles.

Box braids are particularly well-suited for Afro hair textures. Not only do they serve as a protective hairstyle, shielding the hair from external elements and minimizing manipulation, but they also contribute to hair growth. This combination of protection and growth enhancement makes box braids a popular and beneficial choice for individuals with Afro hair textures.

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Box Braids With Rubber Band Ends

To achieve the box braid style, the hair is meticulously sectioned into squares, triangles, or rectangles, forming the distinct ‘boxes,’ and then plaited downward, allowing the braids to cascade freely. Unlike cornrows, where the hair is braided close to the scalp, box braids offer a more versatile range of styling options due to their looser positioning.

In the final step, rubber bands are incorporated at the ends of the braids. These bands serve not only to secure the braids and prevent shrinkage but also to enhance the artistic aesthetics of the hairstyle, adding a unique visual element to the overall look.

Box Braids With Rubber Band Ends Thumbnail
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Box Braids On Short & Kinky 4c Hair

My Grip Game’s distinctive method of incorporating rubber bands at the ends of box braids offers a blend of style and practicality. This innovative approach not only enhances the visual appeal of the braids but also serves a functional purpose. By preventing the box braids from curling up or shrinking at the ends, it ensures that the hairstyle maintains its desired shape and length.

Moreover, when these rubber bands are applied correctly to the hair, there is no risk of breakage or difficulties in removing them. This combination of aesthetics and hair care makes My Grip Game’s approach to box braids with rubber bands a popular and effective choice for those seeking both a fashionable look and hair protection.

Box Braids On Short Kinky 4c Hair2
Box Braids On Short Kinky 4c Hair 1
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Straight Line Side Braids For Hair Growth2

Straight Line Side Braids For Hair Growth

For optimal hair growth results, we highly recommend braiding your short hair in a straight line either from the center of the head down to the sides or from the forehead backward to the nape of the neck. This strategic braiding technique promotes healthy hair growth and ensures the best outcomes.

To supercharge your hair growth journey, our Hair Growth Crème serves as the ideal complement for your scalp. With this powerful combination of braiding and our specialized Hair Growth Crème, you can expect to achieve accelerated and advanced hair growth results, fostering a lush and vibrant mane.

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Straight Line All Back Braids For Hair Growth

When it comes to braiding soft hair, such as hair in the type 1, 2, and 3 categories, it’s important to note that excessive use of water, hairspray, or gel is not necessary. In fact, less product is better in this case, as it allows for a firmer grip during the braiding process. It’s essential to practice braiding tightly when dealing with very soft hair textures.

Although braiding with a tight grip may initially feel uncomfortable for the client, it’s important to understand that with type 1-3 hair textures, the braids will naturally loosen up within hours. This is why braids tend not to last as long on soft hair textures.

In the tutorial on how to create side braids on soft hair, My Grip Game (Tasha) demonstrated the use of only a fingertip of gel, which is less than what is typically used on thicker and coarser hair textures like type 4. The key takeaway is that it’s best to braid soft hair textures without saturating the hair with excessive moisture or product. Braiding dry, product-free hair helps maintain a better grip and ensures the longevity of the braids.

Straight Line All Back Braids For Hair Growth
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